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Live-Stream of Funeral and Memorial Service

Top quality, live streaming and webcasting of funeral

We focus on quality, reliability and fast turnarounds. Our equipment is state-of-the-art,  


The webcast allows all those who cannot attend the funeral service on site to gather, offer a last tribute to the deceased and show their support to the bereaved loved ones.


This service allows families to make the ceremony accessible to those who are unable to travel for various reasons: reduced mobility, illness, distance or health measures.

The webcast of the funeral is held in the presence of the immediate family of the deceased (spouse and children) and is broadcast live, via internet, for all those to whom the family has transmitted an access code. 

The webcasting service we offer allows you to replay the ceremony when it is most convenient for you, as it is recorded and stored.


Production in remote locations


We can produce live broadcasts of funerals from virtually anywhere there is a cell phone service.

You can also attend events after the service, such as the funeral or the ash delivery ceremony.


Live funeral webcasts are not limited to churches or funeral homes. If you have a special ceremony that you want to remember and share with those who cannot be present, we can.


Multi-camera production 


This way you can ensure that your memories are of the highest quality.


If you have a slideshow, video or music that you would like to add to your service, we can integrate a range of different media sources to ensure that your live broadcast is exactly as you intended it to be.


And capture condolence messages during the live broadcast.


We focus on quality, reliability . Our equipment is state of the art.

  • Reliable Bandwidth: You never want to rely on just one connection. Congestion, network fluctuations, or not ENOUGH bandwidth can all spell disaster for your stream. LiveU ensures network stability by bonding together multiple networks of varying bandwidths to create one single, reliable connection to transmit your live video content.

  • Adaptive Bitrate:  By dynamically adapting your video bitrate, Solo ensures the highest quality video is transmitted even when mobile streaming. As bandwidth changes, LRT informs the encoder and the technology adjusts to maintain a robust stream. Never lose the stream...or your audience again.

  • Packet Organization: Packet ordering is an absolute requirement with connection bonding. LRT goes above and beyond by constantly talking to the Solo unit in order to sequence the packets, recognize missing data or packets, or resend the missing packets.  


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