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Teleprompter service in Montreal

Our teleprompter services are only available in turnkey mode and come with our experienced operators


The teleprompter is an asset on most film shoots.


When you use an actor or presenter who is not an expert in the subject matter and in addition he has to memorize texts, which in itself is very difficult, he can simply read his text on teleprompter and focus on the performance and gestures to bring the scene to life


Long presentation


The longer the video is or the segments have to be made continuously, the use of a teleprompter is a decision you will not regret. If you ever have the misfortune to attend a session or the speaker in front of the camera cannot correctly render his text after dozens of times, you will never deprive yourself of a teleprompter again.


Complex presentation


Product demonstrations and technical presentations that require synchronization between gestures and text benefit greatly from the use of a . Although the company's staff members are very familiar with their product, there is no guarantee that they will be able to quickly and easily render fluid text to the camera. Reading a text on a teleprompter allows at least a smooth performance even if the text is very complex.

Your best salesman who masters his subject perfectly in front of an audience will be very happy to have at his disposal a teleprompter, because there is no audience to impose a rhythm on him, but only a large number of blinding lights.


There are situations in which it is necessary to obtain a quick and quality performance at all costs and you work with people who have a limited availability (which is always the case) and that you can never even think of starting again, the teleprompter is your insurance policy.


Some directors prefer to use a less formal and more improvised style to try to seduce the audience in a more personal way. This is a risky approach that does not always work well.  This method does not apply to complex presentations or when dealing with people who have little experience in front of the camera.

To avoid technical issues we will not rent our prompter for outside events to avoid the risk of having problems with electronics in high humidity cold or hot temperatures  unless special precautions are used to mitigate the risk of operating delicate electronics

in hostile environments