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Reliable   live streaming of your Virtual Events & Webinars Platform

  • Live webcasting your event lets you broaden your audience. With a live webcast, you aren't limited to local, or even national event attendees - your reach is worldwide.

  • Live webcasting helps you multiply your impact. You can reach professionals in your field, press, policymakers, and the general public, internationally. This can drastically increase interest in your event.

  • Pay-per-view event live webcasts can be a new source of revenue. 

  • Live webcasting helps you engage on social networks.Live video stimulates the conversation online and help build your audience.

  • Live webcast recordings outlast the event itself. 

Live webcasts allow you to: • Collect email addresses from viewers and build your email list • Follow up with individual viewers based on their participation • Segment and reuse compelling parts of the event later • Draw traffic to your website and social media presences • Include a broader audience for specific parts of a private event

Virtual Conferences

Host your conferences, corporate and networking events, with world-class production and robust interactive features.


Virtual Trade Shows

Set-up your best event ever with virtual booths, registration, keynotes and product demos just like you would in real life.


Virtual Product Tours

Product demos just got better with Augmented Reality. Enable each attendee to interact with your product in a memorable way.


Virtual Education

Elevate your audience’s knowledge and skills, with virtual labs, courses, quizzes, rewards and one-of-a-kind AR features.


Webcasts and Webinars

Reach thousands with scalable state-of-the-art video streaming, in a public or private ecosystem.


Panels from Home

Recorded Meetings and panels can be streamed and replayed on demand.


We connect two cellular modems with Wi-Fi and LAN and we will bond them together to create a single fat connection for all your needs.

Reliable Transport

We use LiveU Solo wich incorporates LRT™ (LiveU Reliable Transport), a unique transmission method which guarantees consistent and high-quality live streaming over the Internet.

Our Studio

Our studio, which encompasses our WebCasting studio,, we offer full grid lighting cameras sound and a generous grip package, green room, makeup and hair rooms, and a  lounge and production office.and private parking


2251, avenue Papineau Montreal (Quebec) H2K 4J5 - Canada

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